Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Dark Knight ... This Batman's No Joker

Here's the deal. When I saw Batman Begins, I fell asleep because I was bored and the plot made no sense to me. Last night as I sat through a half hour of previews waiting for the latest in the Batman series to begin, hoping history would not repeat itself.

Guess what? The Dark Knight is my favorite Batman movie! (Sorry Clooney)

My immediate reaction on Twitter when I came home was:
DK rocks ... great performances, amazing action, kinda creepy in a good way ... r.i.p. Heath ... there's definitely an Oscar in your future

I still feel the same way 24 hours later.

The actors were great.

Christian Bale's Batman is really good. When Bruce Wayne becomes Batman, Bale's voice gets really deep and sort of scary at times. My mom (who's been watching everything Dark Knight-related for the past couple months) said it's because this Batman is supposed to be getting darker. He's not as light-hearted as the Clooney version I'm used to.

The late Heath Ledger's performance is as great as everyone says. His Joker's more psychotic than Jack Nicholson's. He's ruthless and just plain creepy, but he's funny. Heath better get an Oscar nom for this role.

Maggie Gyllenhaal took over the role of Rachel Dawes from Katie Holmes. Rachel dated Bruce in the last movie and knows he's Batman. She broke up with him and said she will return to him when he's no longer Batman. (Good luck with that one.) In this movie she works for DA Harvey Dent who's played by Aaron Eckhart and of course hijinks ensue. Eckhart had more screen time than I thought he would and he played the role better than I expected.

The fight scenes are more intense and some parts were very James Bond/Daniel Craig era-esque. I kind of want to go see this movie again in IMAX just to see how this one scene involving a trick Batman does with his motorcycle and a wall looks in 3D. Maybe I will. Maybe I won't. But I do know one thing ... if you don't see this movie on the big screen, you'll be sorry.

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