Thursday, July 31, 2008

Criss Angel's Last and Greatest Stunt Ever

*WARNING: Spoilers!

Last night, thousands of Criss Angel fans, including me, tuned in to watch a live episode of Mindfreak. Expecting the usual, the fans cheered him on and waited for the moment when Criss Angel would prove, once again, that he is the greatest magician in the world. Unfortunately, things did not go as expected. Thousands of fans’ hearts shook with terror as they watched their beloved magician struggle to escape a building set to implode in mere seconds.

The show begins with Criss announcing that this will be the last stunt he would ever do, and it will be filmed from start to finish, regardless of whether he lives or dies.

[So here’s the low down on the stunt:
Criss is to be handcuffed to an outside railing and is to somehow make it to the top of the building in 3 ½ seconds before the implosion. Once free of the handcuffs, he is to go through the building and pick open the locks on the doors. The final door, which contains two locks, will lead him to the roof and from there he will have to jump on a ladder of a helicopter to safety. ]

Once Criss Angel is handcuffed to the railing, he gives his final words, which sends his love and thanks to all of his friends and family. For some reason, his message of goodbye sends chills down my back and makes me unusually nervous.

Finally the countdown starts, and Criss quickly works his way out of the handcuffs. He then begins picking the lock on the first door. 40 seconds pass by and he is still unable to get the door opened. An ominous scene is set as he resorts to kicking the glass window open in order to enter.
Hearts racing with horror and excitement, fans watch as Criss Angel moves as fast as possible through the locked doors inside. With about 1 minute left, Criss struggles to open the last door. Seconds pass by and still he struggles with the lock. The clock displays 30 seconds left, and the helicopter is forced to leave for safety reasons. At this, I come to the realization that Criss Angel was telling the truth; this will be his last death-defying stunt because in just about 30 seconds Criss Angel will be dead. So I’m completely frantic at this point and all that goes through my head are headlines stating his demise. I yell at Criss through the TV to hurry, but I know that it is no use. It is too late.

The clock strikes zero and the building implodes. Criss, however, remains trapped in the building. Not a sound can be heard as fans desperately hold on to their last shred of hope that Criss will some how magically appear out of the rubble. Moments pass by and Criss in nowhere in sight. But low and behold, the cameraman spots Criss coming out of the rubble without a scratch. Criss yells out in victory at having yet again cheated death. Fans cheer at the sight of him and all is well again.
The host and Criss’s crew all state that this was completely unexpected and not according to plan. But as I watched the building collapse, it suddenly dawned on me - Criss had never planned to escape by helicopter. He had wanted to scare the fans. Whether he will deny it or not, I firmly believe that Criss Angel punk’d us all and I cannot think of a more prefect ending for his last stunt ever.

Buzzin' About Shwayze

Last week on iTunes there was a free download of Shwayze's new reality show Buzzin', so I had to check it out.

Buzzin' is about Shwayze recording his album and all the craziness that goes on behind the scenes. In Episode 1 he has to get back to LA for an 8AM court hearing after spending the whole night in Phoenix performing at Superbowl afterparties. In Episode 2 his car gets impounded, and after a night of partying he has to rush back to Cisco Adler's studio to record with Dave Navarro. As you can see, the race against time is a constant theme in Shwayze's life.

Behind every performer is an entourage that made him that way. I ♥ Shwayze's crew. Cisco, Warren, and Jordan remind me of the guys on Entourage so much sometimes. Cisco's the Turtle of the show, Warren's the E, and Jordan's the Ari.

What I like about this show is that Shwayze's real. Unlike people on other reality shows, he has real problems and struggles. He's not just someone who's had everything handed to him all his life. He works hard and he plays hard. Buzzin' shows people that although the music scene may look glamorous, it takes a lot of hard work to rise to the top.

This is the perfect show for the summer. It's got music, partying, and a guest appearance by Dave Navarro. What else could you ask for? Oh right, a good review of the show by me. Well you've got that too Shwayze. ;-)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

La Historia de Hipster Bingo

About three weeks ago I came across Hipster Bingo in a MissBehave blog. I thought that this was some cool new thing that only the ladies of MissBehave were privy to. Then I googled it and found out it's actually 5 years old.

Hipster Bingo was created by the good people of The Catbirdseat, a blog of mainly Indie music and culture.

Over the years, updated forms of Hipster Bingo have been created. Here's what I've found.

The Original (and the best)

Hipster Bingo 2 (not bad, but not great either)

Hipster Bingo 3 (totally up-to-date)

Hipster Bingo: The UK Version (this needs to be updated with Agyness Deyn!)

I think Jynx & I should create InSense Bingo. Exactly what the world needs!!!


Sometimes I like covers more than the original songs.

Here are my top 8 covers.

Samuel - Love in this Club --> Usher Cover

John Mayer - Mercy --> Duffy Cover

Jason Mraz - Three Little Birds --> Bob Marley Cover

Sugababes - I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor --> Arctic Monkeys Cover

Paolo Nutini - Crazy --> Gnarls Barkley Cover

Natasha Bedingfield - This Love --> Maroon 5 Cover

Toby Lightman - Real Love --> Mary J Blige Cover

Paolo Nutini - Cry Me A River --> Justin Timberlake Cover

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Dark Knight ... This Batman's No Joker

Here's the deal. When I saw Batman Begins, I fell asleep because I was bored and the plot made no sense to me. Last night as I sat through a half hour of previews waiting for the latest in the Batman series to begin, hoping history would not repeat itself.

Guess what? The Dark Knight is my favorite Batman movie! (Sorry Clooney)

My immediate reaction on Twitter when I came home was:
DK rocks ... great performances, amazing action, kinda creepy in a good way ... r.i.p. Heath ... there's definitely an Oscar in your future

I still feel the same way 24 hours later.

The actors were great.

Christian Bale's Batman is really good. When Bruce Wayne becomes Batman, Bale's voice gets really deep and sort of scary at times. My mom (who's been watching everything Dark Knight-related for the past couple months) said it's because this Batman is supposed to be getting darker. He's not as light-hearted as the Clooney version I'm used to.

The late Heath Ledger's performance is as great as everyone says. His Joker's more psychotic than Jack Nicholson's. He's ruthless and just plain creepy, but he's funny. Heath better get an Oscar nom for this role.

Maggie Gyllenhaal took over the role of Rachel Dawes from Katie Holmes. Rachel dated Bruce in the last movie and knows he's Batman. She broke up with him and said she will return to him when he's no longer Batman. (Good luck with that one.) In this movie she works for DA Harvey Dent who's played by Aaron Eckhart and of course hijinks ensue. Eckhart had more screen time than I thought he would and he played the role better than I expected.

The fight scenes are more intense and some parts were very James Bond/Daniel Craig era-esque. I kind of want to go see this movie again in IMAX just to see how this one scene involving a trick Batman does with his motorcycle and a wall looks in 3D. Maybe I will. Maybe I won't. But I do know one thing ... if you don't see this movie on the big screen, you'll be sorry.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Criss Angel Mindfreak, All New Season

The 4th season of Criss Angel Mindfreak premiered last Wed. (07/ 23/08) on A&E. And I for one thought it was an amazing start to a mind-blowing season.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Criss Angel, (honestly, have you been living under a rock?) he is known to be the greatest magician/illusionist of our time. If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself.

In this season premiere, you will see Criss Angel walk across a lake, see him remove a card from a man’s head, and watch him survive being hit by a car.

The episode will air again on July 27th @ llpm on A&E.

Go to the A & E website for more Criss Angel information, videos, interactive goodies, and a link to his official site.

You can watch Criss Angel Mindfreak every Wednesday at 10pm. Also, make sure you tune in next week for a special live episode.

Are You Ready?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Free Itunes Download

InSense is totally ahead of the game. Remember that post of ours about female artists you should be checking out?

If you do, then you remember Kerli, the female singer from Estonia. Well Kerli's latest single "Walking on Air" is now available for download on itunes, and it's completely FREE!

Go here to get Walking on Air for free

BTW, you can catch Kerli's Playlist on MTV Hits. Keep on eye out for it on your TV screen.

Didn't we tell you she was gonna be big? Do I even have to mention that you heard about Katy Perry here first too?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Secret Obsessions of Ace

Hello there lurkers, its Jynx.

Ever wanted to know more about Ace? Well now heres your chance, and what better way to get to know someone than through their obsessions.

Over the two years I've known Ace, she has had some interesting obsessions- from half-naked guys who play "recycled percussion" to the French Justin Timberlake. Her latest obsession is the band name "Joe Lean & the Jing Jang Jong."
Let me make myself clear, she ONLY likes the band name....that’s right, completely obsessed over a band name. Not the music. Not even the guys in the band.

Heres a scenario that might likely well ensue:

Ace goes to the Joe Lean & the Jing Jang Jong concert. As she waits in the crowd for the band, a fan makes small talk with her.
Fan: Whats your favorite song?
Ace: Oh I don’t know any of the songs. I’m just here for their name.
Fan: *gives her the evil eye* You're not a REAL fan!

Leave it to Ace to obsess over the weirdest things, but then again, who actually likes normal stuff?

Saturday, July 5, 2008

InSensical Music for Independence Weekend

The fireworks have died down and the 4th of July is officially over, but the parties will continue. Here's what you should be listening to this weekend before you head back to work.

(1) The Ting Tings - Shut Up and Let Me Go

(2) Pussycat Dolls - When I Grow Up

(3) Jonas Brothers - Burnin' Up

(4) Ne-Yo - Closer

(5) Ryan Cabrera - Enemies

(6) The 69 Eyes- Lost Boys

(7) Mest - Jaded

(8) Tokio Hotel - Scream

(9) MxPx- Doin' Time

(10) The Used- Take It Away