Sunday, June 29, 2008

JT for Givenchy

Justin Timberlake is the face of Givenchy's new fragrance, Givenchy Play.  See the music-themed ads here first.

Plus 5

Monday, June 23, 2008

Check Out PureVolume for October Nites Now!

One of InSense's favourite bands, October Nites, is currently featured on the PureVolume homepage. October Nites is well on their way to becoming an overnight success story so check them out now so you can say you knew them before they were famous. ;-)

Freebie Music:
Music is always better when it's free (and legal). Be sure to check out the band's profile for a free download of Love According to Kid 'n' Play from their debut album When We Were Infinite, now available on iTunes.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Girls of the Summer:: Boys Beware!!

- A Joint Venture of Jynx and Ace -

(1) Katy Perry

If Katy Perry looks familiar, it's probably because she was Travie's girlfriend in the video for Gym Class Heroes' Cupid's Chokehold.

Although her debut album is entitled One of the Boys, on the title track Perry sings, "I want to be one of the girls pretty in pearls, not one of the boys." Then her album continues with the drunken girl's anthem I Kissed a Girl (kind of contradictory, lol). And of course, there's the emo ex-boyfriend slamming underground hit, Ur So Gay.

This Santa Barbara songstress' album drops on June 17. Get it girls!

Freebie Music
Go on and click on the strawberry tattoo on Katy's back for a free download of Ur So Gay.

(2) Kate Voegele

You first saw Kate Voegele as singer-songwriter Mia on One Tree Hill. On her debut album, Don't Look Away, you'll recognize a lot of her songs from the show. This MySpace Records artist can be seen on tour around the country this summer. Check her MySpace for dates and be sure to watch the webisodes she's uploaded.

(3) Lady GaGa

Summer's all about hot dance tracks to get you through the even hotter summer heat (thanks global warming). Lady GaGa's track Just Dance will have you doing just that.

(4) Kerli

Kerli, born in Estonia, always dreamed of coming to America and becoming a singer. Now her wish has finally come true. Her debut album is called Love Is Dead, and she already has two singles out - Walking on Air and Love Is Dead. Her voice serves to soothe you, while her videos will make you slightly disturbed. Overall, Kerli does a great job at combining all things creepy and all things sweet.

Official Site:

(5) The Action Design

For those of you who are not fans of Tsunami Bomb, you may not know who The Action Design are. TAD is a female fronted band made up of Emily (ex vocalist of Tsunami Bomb), Matt (ex bassist of TB), guitarist Jake, and drummer Jaycen. Their live performances are described as dance parties that will make you move your feet all night.

Check Them Out:

(6) The Eyeliners

The Eyeliners are an all girl band formed in 1995 with Laura as the singer/drummer, Gel playing the guitar, and Lisa rocking the bass. If you're into punk rock and girls with attitude, your gonna love The Eyeliners.

Official Site:

InSensical Things to Do in Summer '08

Be bored no more!

(1) Enroll in Trapeze School.

Ever want to fly high? Well, now you can do just that.

If you're in NYC, Baltimore, Boston, or LA, check out Hurry. Classes fill up quickly.

(2) Perfect your IJ skills.

You're probably thinking, "What's an IJ?" An IJ is an iPod DJ. Here's how to become one.

- Get an iPod.
- Learn how to use it.
- Create hot playlists.
- Convince people to hire you to IJ their events. (Yes, you can actually get paid for this.)

A relative of a friend did this. You would be surprised how many people don't know how to use an iPod, let alone create a playlist.

(3) Walk runways before models do.

A few weeks before fashion week starts, head to NYC's Bryant Park and watch workers set up the runways many a model will be trecking on. If you're lucky enough, you may be able to walk the runways before models do. And of course you must take pictures and send them to us for postage!

(4) Go to AST Dew Tour stops.

Want to get Ryan Sheckler's autograph? Check him out at Dew Tour Stops in Baltimore (June 19-22), Cleveland (July 17-20), Portland (August 21-24), Salt Lake City (Sept. 11-14), and Orlando (October 16-19).

Go to to find out more.

(5) Create mosh pits.

What better place to do this than at the MySpace generation's version of Woodstock, the Vans Warped Tour.

Go to for more.

(6) Take a trip to the Woodstock Museum.

Before Warped Tour, Coachella, and Bamboozle, there was Woodstock. If you're feeling nostalgic for the famed music festival, head to the new Woodstock exhibit in Bethel Woods, NY. Go to for details.

(7) Get InSense on TV!

Tired of bad E! reality shows (i.e. Denise Richards and the Lohans)? Here's our solution:
- complain to the network
- bombard them with emails about making InSense a show

Problem solved. (See what happens when InSense rules the world?)

(8) Get cooked vending machine food.

Do you remember that scene in Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift when the guy and the girl go to that vending machine place and there's actual cooked food in it? Did you ever wish you could get that in America? Well, now you can. BAMN! on 37 St. Mark's Place in NYC allows you to get everything from mac & cheese to hot dogs and corn dogs. If you're spending summer in the city, swing on by.

Go to for more.

(9) Free concerts in Central Park!

Who says you can't find free things to do in the city? We don't. During the summer, Central Park's Summer Stage concert series puts on free concerts. Past performers include Citizen Cope, The Apples in Stereo, and Seu Jorge. This year the stage will see the likes of Santogold, Vampire Weekend, and Kid Cudi. Check out for more.

(10) More free concerts!

If Central Park crowds aren't your thing, head to Rye Playland right off the I95 (NY exit 19). Past performers include Lifehouse, Bowling for Soup, The Plain White T's, and Teddy Geiger. Head to to see the list of performers. (This year's performers won't be posted until July 18.)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Guilty Pleasures: Music

Hey, Jynx here. As I am on my summer vacation and have lots of time on my hands, I thought I could come up with a guilty pleasures list of some of the songs I’ve seen on T.V. I’ve narrowed down my list to six songs, because I cannot remember any others and because I usually only listen to decent music. :p

Here’s my list starting from 6 to the number 1 guilty pleasure song:

6. Leave Out All the Rest - by Linkin Park

I never liked this band, but they have had a few songs that I’ve liked. Leave Out All the Rest would definitely be included in the ones that I do enjoy, and plus the video is pretty cool too. However, I think the real reason I like this song is because it reminds me of a ballad by Tokio Hotel, but I digress.

5. Coconut Juice - by Tyga

Despite the fact that I dislike any hip-hop, rap, r&b, etc…I cannot deny that some songs are quite catchy, including this one. If it came on T.V., I would probably listen to it for a few minutes before changing the channel as opposed to grunting in disgust as I usually do to hip hop songs.

4. Touch My Body - by Mariah Carey

Funny video that compliments the ever catchy and amusing song that you cant help but listen to. Touch My Body would make any immature high school teen boy sing along in perverted glee - as my brother has informed me.

3. Outta My Head - by Ashlee Simpson

I always hated Ashlee- aka Mrs. Wentz. All of her songs have been guilty pleasures aimed at young girls to make them feel more hardcore than they actually are, and this song is no exception. But before I start too much controversy, I must give lots of props to the awesomeness of the video.

2. Our Song - by Taylor Swift

This song and video is just oozing with cuteness and adorableness. Ms. Swift has an angelic voice and in her video, she seems as if she is the princess of country/pop music. The lyrics are cleverly made and I’m sure that girls in love will take great delight in the song. And the whole thing is almost enough to make me vomit, but instead I feel myself compelled to listen.

1. Shake It - by Metro Station

And here we go, my number one guilty pleasure that I cannot deny no matter how hard I try. This song is so catchy that it has received non-stop airplay on both the radio and television. But can I really hate a band just because Mylie Cyrus’ brother is in it? I should really give them a proper listen to before I rip them apart.