Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Guilty Pleasures: Music

Hey, Jynx here. As I am on my summer vacation and have lots of time on my hands, I thought I could come up with a guilty pleasures list of some of the songs I’ve seen on T.V. I’ve narrowed down my list to six songs, because I cannot remember any others and because I usually only listen to decent music. :p

Here’s my list starting from 6 to the number 1 guilty pleasure song:

6. Leave Out All the Rest - by Linkin Park

I never liked this band, but they have had a few songs that I’ve liked. Leave Out All the Rest would definitely be included in the ones that I do enjoy, and plus the video is pretty cool too. However, I think the real reason I like this song is because it reminds me of a ballad by Tokio Hotel, but I digress.

5. Coconut Juice - by Tyga

Despite the fact that I dislike any hip-hop, rap, r&b, etc…I cannot deny that some songs are quite catchy, including this one. If it came on T.V., I would probably listen to it for a few minutes before changing the channel as opposed to grunting in disgust as I usually do to hip hop songs.

4. Touch My Body - by Mariah Carey

Funny video that compliments the ever catchy and amusing song that you cant help but listen to. Touch My Body would make any immature high school teen boy sing along in perverted glee - as my brother has informed me.

3. Outta My Head - by Ashlee Simpson

I always hated Ashlee- aka Mrs. Wentz. All of her songs have been guilty pleasures aimed at young girls to make them feel more hardcore than they actually are, and this song is no exception. But before I start too much controversy, I must give lots of props to the awesomeness of the video.

2. Our Song - by Taylor Swift

This song and video is just oozing with cuteness and adorableness. Ms. Swift has an angelic voice and in her video, she seems as if she is the princess of country/pop music. The lyrics are cleverly made and I’m sure that girls in love will take great delight in the song. And the whole thing is almost enough to make me vomit, but instead I feel myself compelled to listen.

1. Shake It - by Metro Station

And here we go, my number one guilty pleasure that I cannot deny no matter how hard I try. This song is so catchy that it has received non-stop airplay on both the radio and television. But can I really hate a band just because Mylie Cyrus’ brother is in it? I should really give them a proper listen to before I rip them apart.


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