Sunday, May 18, 2008

SCREAM for Tokio Hotel

If you have not heard of the German band Tokio Hotel, you definitely should. They have been the biggest growing sensation in Europe for the past couple of years now, and are the biggest band to come out of Germany in about 20 years. Now that they have dominated Europe, they are currently working to get recognized in America. Their hit song Ready Set Go has been receiving much airplay by both MTV and FUSE. And the ballad By Your Side is also featured in the horror movie Prom Night.
The English album, Scream, was recently released and is comprised of 13 songs from their two German albums; it also features two exclusive songs - 1000 Oceans and Durch Den Monsun. The songs consist of beautiful, catchy melodies and ballads. The lyrics contain positive messages that stress the listeners to “live on” even in times of bleak hope. The song Don’t Jump, for example, addresses the issue of teen suicide - “Just take my hand and give it a chance, don’t Jump.” There are, of course, the harder rock songs for you mosh pit lovers such as Break Away. And the song Scream, which the album is named after, will make any adolescent teen want to rebel.
Part of the appeal of Tokio Hotel comes from the charismatic, androgynous front man Bill Kaulitz. His bubbly personality and Gothic/Top Model looks demand that everyone give their undivided attention to him. His twin brother, Tom Kaulitz (guitar), however, differs drastically from his brother in both style and personality. Tom leans toward the Hip Hop scene and is never too modest to boast of his experience with the ladies or of how awesome he is. Then, of course, there are the other two crucial band members - Gustav, the drummer, and Georg, the bass player. Put them all together and they form the wonder and fandemonium that is Tokio Hotel.


Rolling Stone Interview with Tokio Hotel

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