Saturday, May 17, 2008

How It All Started::

  • In the beginning, there was Jynx circa June '88. Next came Ace in August '88. Then came Math 143 with Krishnan in August '06. That's where the dynamic duo initially met.
  • One year later as they trekked somewhere between Amend and the library, Ace said, "incense," Jynx was all, "Eureka!" and incense became InSense.
  • The collaboration was not complete. The duo needed an international sex symbol. That I.S.S. was Johnny, a sandy-haired boy with a band, a great set of abs, and a dragonfly tattoo. The band was born, but they never struck a note.
  • Almost one year later, Ace said, "Hey, let's make this a blog." Jynx agreed. Finally was born.

Enjoy ♥!
InSense Rocks!

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