Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sisterhood 2 - Story of My Life


Two weeks ago from today I celebrated my 20th birthday. That was also the day Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 came out. My mom took me to see it as a surprise bday gift. I was glad she did. The movie was awesome and just what I needed. I felt like my life could have fit seamlessly in the storyline.

Sisterhood 2 finds the girls now in colleges scattered around the country. Carmen (America Ferrara) is involved in theatre, Tibby (Amber Tamblyn) is studying film at NYU, Lena (Alexis Bledel) is studying art, and Bridget (Blake Lively) is playing soccer. Each of the four lead actresses does a great job handling what comes her character's way.

Change ::

Everyone has that one friend who hates change, and in this movie, Carmen is that friend. Unfortunately for her, she has to deal with a lot of it. Her mom is now married and pregnant. Plus, her family's moving to a new house and she must leave her childhood home behind. Of all the girls, Carmen is the most dependent on the circle of friends and feels lost without them. When the four friends finally reunite for their Friday night ritual, she is shocked to learn that the other girls made plans for the summer. She just planned to catch up with them all summer. Luckily, a college "friend" is able to get her a job doing backstage work at a summer theatre in Vermont. It's there that Carmen meets Ian (Tom Wisdom), a Brit who gets her to audition for the play.

You totally feel for Carmen. Changes are hard getting used to sometimes and she's so bombarded with them. America pulls this role off well. You feel she could really be the innocent backstage girl one moment and a drama queen the next. (Although, I'm pretty sure America's not much of a drama queen.)

Love ::

At a funeral in Greece Lena finds out that her now former flame, Kostos (Michael Rady), is married with a baby on the way. She's really upset that her first love has moved on so quickly. While trying to take her mind off Kostos, Lena spends her summer taking an art class. It's there that she crosses paths with Leo (Jesse Williams ... a.k.a. my new husband). Did I mention that after Lena meets him, he strips down in front of her in under a minute? He's the nude model for her art class. (So believable. Have you seen that body?) There's no actual nudity, except for the hottest six pack I've ever seen on the big screen. If that doesn't capture your attention, I don't know what will. Of course, Kostos returns with major revelations and Lena must choose between Leo the artist and Kostos her first love. (Lena, go for the abs!)

Lena kind of reminds me of me. I'm not Greek and I can't draw, but temperament-wise we're similar. Plus we both like Leo.

Pregnancy ::

Tibby's story is way more nerve wracking than the other girls'. She loses her v-card to her boyfriend Brian (Leonardo Nam) and of course there's a pregnancy scare. Amber does a great job making the pregnancy scare believable. You feel like the situation's taking place in the real world, not a movie.

Tibby and Brian also break up and he moves on with Lena's younger sister Effie (Lucy Hale). I found that part of the story semi-odd and semi-believable. Why would he go out with Effie? Then again, he'd still be in shock from the pregnancy scare and wouldn't be thinking straight.

Family ::

As we learned in the last movie, Bridget's mom committed suicide. In this movie, Bridge discovers letters from her maternal grandmother that her father kept hidden from her for years. She confronts him and heads to Turkey for the summer where she's working on an archaeological dig. It's there that an archaeologist gives her a lesson about family. She then bolts and heads to Georgia for a long-awaited reunion with her grandmother (Blythe Danner) and discovers more about her family.

Bridget's storyline was a bit farfetched in the beginning. Why would she go on an archaeological dig in Turkey? Then again, she is an adventure-seeker so this totally works with the storyline.

Greece ::

I love that part of this movie, like the last, took place in Greece. The scenery's so beautiful. Jynx and I have to stop off in Greece when we go to Helsinki.

Boys ::

The love interests for all the girls were really good. They fit perfectly with each character, and the boys looked good with the actress they were placed with. By the way, are washboard abs a requirement for these roles?

Overall, Sisterhood 2 was very enjoyable. It gave a realistic view of what life is like for college girls these days. Each girl's storyline could happen to me and anyone of my friends. All the actors in this movie were great, and the leads were amazing! It's hard to believe that these actresses (especially America and Blake) were relative unknowns when the first movie came out. Oh the difference 3 years makes.

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Anonymous said...

Kat here.

If you had written this post after we started creative writing I would have said wow, this makes perfect sense.

However, seeing as you wrote this before classes started, I have decided you are simply very in-tune with characters. Or you are just plain old crazy.

(I'd put my money on the latter)
((just kidding.)

(not really.)